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  1. Oh Boy Peter! how nice of you to jog my mind regarding Lee Winslow Court!!! It is such a thrill to remember anything these days.!! ..:-).

    I was fortunate in Oct. of ‘O8 to browse an exhibit of Lee Court’s work at the Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay. The Gardens themselves are wonderful and enchanting and I recommend visiting them if any of you are in the area. It is not quite complete yet, what is there is fabulous.

    ah, I digress from the subject at hand..Lee Court’s work…I had not been familiar with him really, with all his work that is …I knew of his Monhegan related works and his capturing the day to day scenes on Monhegan and some of the villagers, as well as the magnificent surroundings of the island…but I was also blown away by his work in general.

    He really captures the essence of New England in general.

    I believe in the exhibit I read somewhere that he was called the “dean” of Monhegan painters.
    During the run of the exhibit there was a day when his son Rusty Court,( who most of us familiar with the Boothbay and Monhegan area “know” to be a real character, and storyteller,) presented a talk and question and answer session about his father’s art.

    If anyone wants me to make a copy of the info sheet on Mr. Court that was at the exhibit, one page, please contact me via email, from Book Shelf info on our site here, and I will send it to you by snail mail….

    best to all, and I go now to batten down the hatches for the expected “a** whoppin'” that Mother Nature is about to treat us to :-)…

    R A

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