Not just Monhegan

I agree that there’s a serious possibility that alternative energy will impact the quality of natural beauty, not only on Monhegan, but many, many places that alternative energy is introduced.

Living in Vermont, I accept that. We will have to sacrifice some vistas, mountaintops. But for me, cell towers and telephone lines already pollute the visual environment – I try to look beyond that.

Monhegan is different – more unique, more fragile, more incredibly refreshing to the soul.  From the little that I know and understand of the community of people living there year-round, it is fragile.  Would disturbing the lobster grounds impact the community?  Could the change in the aesthetics make some people, living there year-round, choose to leave?   Could the change in aesthetics cause a decrease in the number of  people drawn to the island in the summer?

My guess is that the economics of Monhegan is somewhat similar to Vermont – the cost of living outpaces the rate of earning. If the fishing and/or tourist-based income earnings drop then – like Vermont -the changes in the community economics threatens the sustainability of the community.So. I think that what I’m trying to say is that the economic and ecological impacts should be carefully studied before embarking on bringing capitol letters TECHNOLOGY to Monhegan.

And for the environment – what impacts would the construction have – and what follows wind turbines? Maybe nothing, but once a pathway is created…
The real question – what to do about the need for affordable energy on the island. Conservation – absolutely. Energy audits. Though it’s already clear that it’s visitors in the summer that create the need for the increase in power. Does this feel like a political issue, locally, at this point?
Tidal energy is predicted to have the least environmental footprint. Hopefully, the money for development is being invested now – it hasn’t been for a long time. There’s a project in NYC on the East River. If Monhegan can hold down consumption for a decade (??) the right solution might be tidal energy.
All for now –