The Carina on Monhegan

by Tara Hire

Carina grocery and deli has been owned and operated by Tara Hire for the last 5 years. Following in the footsteps of the previous owner, Billy Payne, she has been offering a variety of local, organic, and gourmet foods, as well as basic staples for all of the people of Monhegan, including day trippers, summer residents, weekly sojourners and year-round residents.

There have been a few changes to Carina over the years, especially noticeable this year. The layout of Carina has changed, so that the sitting booths are in the south corner. The coffee station is in the north corner and all of the refrigerators and freezers are lined up near the door. The new layout will greatly enhance the flow of traffic and make everyone’s shopping experience better. There are new additions to the breakfast and lunch menus, including handmade English muffins and a lip smackingly delicious pulled pork sandwich. In addition to all of this, Tara is offering health and nutrition workshops throughout the summer: physical activity workshops on Tuesday and Thursday, nutrition workshops on Wednesday, and cooking workshops on Monday. Check out Carina Grocery and Deli on FaceBook. “like” us for a $1.00 off lunch.

One thought on “The Carina on Monhegan

  1. Hello Tara, I recently stepped down from running the Deck House School and have been spending time this year getting in touch with some of the DHS alums. I will be coming over to the Island on Memorial Day with my wife for our 17th Anniversary and I’m hoping I might bump into Kole. I will stop in at your store to say hello.


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