3 thoughts on “Undiscovered Monhegan

  1. Having visited Monhegan a few times in my life, I can vouch for the gentle fingers of magic that its ambiance leaves on own’s soul. Quiet time spent in Cathedral Woods or on any of its promontories makes even the novice meditator learn the value of introspection through a oneness with nature. If you seek to regenerate your spirit, Monhegan is the place to go – or live!

  2. Well said, Jacqueline. I encourage you to take those eloquent and lofty ideas and do what you suggest. i.e. live there! The more people who love the island as you have expressed; and are enlivened by your sentiments and who therefore choose to live there and preserve its history and build its future, the greater the chance for its’ survival as the island you peak of.

    You’ll also learn that the “Gentle fingers of magic” are hard with callouses.

  3. yes, I have visited Monhegan island many times and husband and I have
    many fond memories of the island. I would tell everyone that trip to the island is worthwhile. You will want to go back again and again.
    J& J

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