6 thoughts on “Who is carrying the broccoli?

  1. I see Peter B and looks like Billy P on the ramp. Was Jimmy on the boat? And in the full picture do I see Raquel> Who are the twins carrying the same bottle oof soomething and holding their arms the same way?? Too funny. And parking the trucks that way an experment ? Greta picture, won’t be long now…

    1. Twins: HAH! This is a bunch of pictures (probably 6-8) pasted together. Some of it is a little sloppy. I did it years ago. I’ve gotten more careful since then but the little details (mistakes) are often fun to find.

      1. Something’s funny with the truck bed (but that wouldn’t be that strange I guess), there’s a ghost over by the hoist… What a great picture!

  2. That’s right Lisa. I’m the only one working. Billy is figuring out what next I should off load. Raquel just got her freight bill.

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