It is really too long and too dumb a story to relay here, but obviously we are back on-line.

Some good things have come as a result of all the screw ups though, not the least of which has been my refocusing on you rather than on getting pretty pictures up on time.  (With great luck and with all of my concentration, I may learn to do both.)  Thank you for your patience.



  1. oh boy!!! I can’t worry about life after death yet..I am looking for a little life “before” death!!!!! 🙂

    ……don’t know exactly how to express what I mean but has anyone else’s life been progressing a little “weirdly” lately? as in taking one good step forward and two back???

    Best to all :-)……and wishing most of all for all to have good health… R A

  2. So, lately, I’ve been wondering about that litte squiggly line at the bottom of the right column? Today, though, it does appear to mirror this topic … flatliner with a dramatic rise at the end.

    So, what, exactly, is that line? Graphic of the number of users for the last week or so? Some other web Rohrschacht teasing out the worst of our collective subconscious minds?

    I keep clicking on it, hoping to find answers to the Great Scheme of Things…

  3. That’s an indicator of the number of hits. The flatlining shows we were offline for a few days. I don’t remember adding that and can remove it easily.

    1. Oh, leave it! I think it’s kind of cool. Though, I noticed that when I just now logged on, there was a really squiggly line, but when I clicked on “read comments,” it went back to the flatliner with a single up-down peak at the end. Go figure, I guess (grin).

  4. I think that is the new” non specific language” advertisement for Viagra that went out into space on the most recent info disc sponsored by SETI……but I could be wrong..:-) best to all Shedders! R A

  5. I am so happy to see the site back up. I hadn’t visited in while and was very sad when I couldn’t pull it up.

  6. I hope you are well ….. I kept the faith….. you are back and so is the site you work so hard on/with ….. much appreciation and all the best to you and Ricki (in all departments) this coming year ….. J 🙂

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