6 thoughts on “Museum and Dory

  1. greetings all!
    have to confess that im not
    enjoying this newly revised site.
    i really miss the daily three pics
    which so often had such a lovely
    rhythm to em with wonderful
    seasonal affects and effects.
    am i missing the way to get more
    daily pics ….
    or is this excellent offering been droppped?

    1. Sorry to hear you’re disappointed. Peter is away at the moment, and I fear I am a sad replacement. When he is once again able to post, we’ll see what he has in store.

      The good news is that this new system makes it easy for others to post, thus easing some of the burden on Peter and broadening the perspective of Monhegan.

  2. on this point
    the frantics take flight
    fractures are mended
    what matter
    if all has ended
    on this point

  3. How does one go about adding photos, or embedding photos along with a comment, or adding artwork? I don’t notice any easy way of doing that.

    1. The comment system isn’t set up for that, but the Rope Shed is still open and does allow that.

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