Same data – different spin

One way of thinking about “a commons” is that it is a resource shared by a group of individuals.  The key word here is “sharing”.  One can only share that which is his.  In a strange sort way, the proof of having (owning, if you will) is in the giving of it to another.  And in so doing, both the giver and the receiver are enriched.

Certainly it is possible to appreciate parts of Monhegan by yourself, but never all that is Monhegan.   I am told that to love,  one must “know” the beloved.  But my capacity to know is limited and, if for no other reason, that is why I need others, especially those with different capacities from mine. My aptitudes do not include a capacity for poetry, but oh how I thrill at  what the poet shares with me.  We, the poet and I share Monhegan with each other by exercising our capacity to give it to another.  The poet gives me her Monhegan poem, and I give her my photograph of Monhegan.  Monhegan (the beloved) is what is being shared but from different perspectives.

One can argue that if one draws from the commons there is obligation to give back to the commons.  OK, I guess, but I would prefer the realization that what I draw from the commons is enhanced geometrically in the sharing it with other Monheganites (those that identify with Monhegan).  You know, something about feeding the 2000 with a couple of dead fish and a pair of stale loaves of bread.  Look, don’t let my vocabulary tick you off.  It is just how I see the multiplication of our Island.  (Oh God, now he wants to bring 2000 to the Island? – well, in a way.  Not directly and while that might not be desirable physically, how about using the Internet to share our Island with those that have eyes to see and ears to hear (oops there he goes again).

Hey guys, sharing Monhegan with Monheganites  is a huge turn on.  Some of you do so already with a post now and then.  Good! but you can really get ignited by hosting (authoring) a page.  Or share a page.  How about a group of artists hosting a page, and develop a category on Monhegan art to share and solicit posts on art?   Birding, anyone?  There’s a group to work on the trails, right?  Monhegan Essays?  There are as many Monhegans as there are minds that envision it.  There are over 400 visitors to this site everyday of the week!  How do you experience the Island?  Want to try sharing it?   What do you want to share – keep it simple, and we’ll post it, modifying it only to provide consistency with the general site.  Let’s experiment to see how vital this virtual community really is.

Write to me!