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  1. And just to add my 2 centavos as designer: we’re hoping that the new format encourages more participation in the site. Peter has done a marvelous job over the years to give us our daily fix of Monhegan. The new site has great potential to let others do the same.

  2. I’m not sure if I’m subscribed or not. Does the fact that I can leave this comment mean I’m subscribed. Maybe a little blurb about finding that little yellow subscribe button and what to do after that would be helpful. I didn’t see any directions anywhere, but then again, maybe I’m already… well, anyway….

  3. I really do enjoy checking this website daily – just for my “Monhegan Fix”. Many thanks for offering this site, for updating it, for the photos, the poetry, the information and the opportunity for those of us relatively far away to dream a little each day of our next visit. -Dawn

  4. Gee, what a nice surprise ….. you all have done a great job. Would love to hear from any of you that might remember me at all. Without this wonderful spot to look forward to each and every day, I’d feel a piece of me that this has been ‘filled’ by, for the last I don’t know how many years now, would be missing. Congratulations on all your efforts. J 🙂

  5. Hello,
    The new site looks wonderful. Also, easy to navigate and has lots of great content like before.
    Thank you very much for putting this together.
    Best Wishes,
    Katy Krieg

  6. I miss not seeing the photos the minute I pull up the website!!! I have been checking the photos everyday for 4-5 years…and look forward to seeing Monhegan at all times of year and weather.
    Please post daily photos again!!!
    Otherwise, I like the look of the new site.

    1. Yes, the daily photos will be back.
      Unfortunately, the change to the new system came at a time when Peter was leaving for a bit. The intent was to make it easier for him to do the site from a distance, but his store of pictures may not be accessible. I may be forced to contribute my own pictures to keep up the tradition.

    2. I agree about the daily photos. I guess I have taken them for granted! I also have looked daily for many years, and dream about visiting Monhegan again some day. Thanks for the site and I will be patient until they return.

  7. Nicely Done! Certainly has a new feel to it and the RSS feed will be a welcome addition to those that want thier Monhegan.Com now! =-)
    Kudos to Peter and Jim!

  8. It’s comfortable and will be easy once learned. It has just enough space, like the great photograph of the entrance to swim beach which opens to the harbor. It’s the haven it has been. Thank you for the sensitive changes. Change is usually uncomfortable…

  9. This all looks great Jim and Peter, and hello to all!! I have been away from the computer for a short while and am very pleased to see this new format…

    Hope all are well ,and now I can’t wait to explore the site further…thanks again.

    best to all, R A

  10. Don’t know why I am back here???grin…pushed submit of comment above and it said waiting for moderation….so I ended up pushing it again and got this box again saying make a comment…grin…so this is my comment..see ya..will push submit of this and then just let it sit after it says waiting for moderation….R A

  11. Nice, Guys, but wha’ hoppened to my poem? Gone bye, bye? Oh, and where is Marjorie’s name to submit stuff? Otherwise, Great Work!

  12. Peter and Jim,
    Very nice change in all areas. The navigation around the site is very fluent. Nice job.
    Kevin I.

  13. I seem to have trouble with he size of the photos on the home page because they are large and swallow up some of the writing on the right hand side of the site., making it impossible to read the links if the picture is dark background. Any way I can make an adjustment that would correct that or do the pictures need to be a smaller size so the writing is legible?

  14. Hi to all,
    Every july I come to the island with friends to paint and through the years have come to feel that Monhegan is home too. I also love the daily pictures as I feel connected to Monhegan when I must be somewhere else. However, this new site is wonderful and I look forward each morning to checking it out….ro start my day. Thank you from CT.

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