Monhegan Cached by Gus Bombard


The island is always there, imprinted,
a fluid, moving backdrop for the planned
and daily gestures enacted before it.

Miles from the coast, Port Clyde,
the Elizabeth Ann, and the ever-changing sea,
I read and reread poems written by acolytes
who are there in its strong embrace.
Their literate, graphic pictures catch in my throat
with recognition as the words
fuse together in focused images–

And–I turn to the pictures themselves:
they repeat the loving descriptions that I
not only remember, but wrote about.
My legal pad, fountain pen, and I,
tied to the shore, immerse ourselves
into our communal, esoteric passion.
We write about distinct well-worn shadows.

Gus Bombard

One thought on “Monhegan Cached by Gus Bombard

  1. Gus is obviously a poetic genius. His poetry is anything but esoteric– all but one or two of his works are very easy to understand and therefore easy to feel: all the emotion comes from near immediate understanding of his elevated images and ideas and concepts. He is a very welcome relief from the works of a few other poets who seem to believe that sublimity derives from near incomprehensibility.

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