3 thoughts on “Wind Power Comment Period closes Oct. 5

  1. According to Dept of Energy, the comment period has been extended to October 18th, 2010: “University of Maine’s Deepwater Offshore Wind Test Site Project, Gulf of Maine “”(DOE/EA 1792) Notice of Scoping . “Scoping period extended until October 18, 2010”

  2. I sent a short comment yesterday – it’s an issue that will impact the Island’s ecology, residents and visitors. The decision makers may never visit Monhegan, those of us who have been there can help inform their decision by sending any questions that we have about what the ecological and community-wide consequences might be from having floating wind power turbines two miles off the coast of Monhegan.

  3. I just copied the email address to a new email and will write my thoughts to them, which includes wondering if they have studied the effect they may and most likely will have on the bird migrations in the Spring and Fall.

    It seems to me that could be a huge problem.

    The number of migratory birds that pass by and stop on Monhegan Island in the Spring and Fall is extraordinary, and it would be an awful shame if those incredible creatures on their extraordinarily difficult migration would be given yet another hurdle to make it more difficult for them as they journey onward.

    The issues for the Monheganites to deal with in regard to all this I would surely think have been expressed already in their thoughts and comments to the researchers of this project.

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