Laundress by Gayle LaVallee

LAUNDRESS     early June. The hotel’s tableclothes         curled in my basket, wet             ready for hanging                 my joy among the strong white lines     pinned to the promises of season, green grass,             breeze just recently shorn of daffodils.         I am tall, romantic,             as I stretch them out, tight checks and polka dots,             in fresh sea                 sun.     in August.  […]

Monhegan Cached by Gus Bombard

MONHEGAN CACHED The island is always there, imprinted, a fluid, moving backdrop for the planned and daily gestures enacted before it. Miles from the coast, Port Clyde, the Elizabeth Ann, and the ever-changing sea, I read and reread poems written by acolytes who are there in its strong embrace. Their literate, graphic pictures catch in […]

September 5, by Marjorie Mir

September 5th Summer ebbs out. We look for warmth where we can find it, cat and companion in tide-pools of sun, until chill air stirs us, moves us on, itinerants, following a season’s shoreline, light’s retreating tide as far as time allows. Marjorie Mir

September by Jan Bailey

And now the slow slide into autumn: the thinning crickets, the monarchs moving weightless among us like orange angels, the tight-lipped rose hips; the brown curl of aspen leaf, the bikes tossed willy-nilly on the schoolhouse lawn. Even the shadows slide, like blue cloaks about the apple trees. Now the mornings deepen; the meadow glints […]